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Mystie Winckler

Mystie Winckler has been married for over twelve years to her only sweetheart, Matt. Mystie began playing in the kitchen at the age of eight, when she determined that she would become a good cook. By the time she was eleven, she cooked dinner once a week, which practice served her well when she married at 19 and had her first child at 21.

As a baby and toddler, her oldest child was mildly allergic to corn, and thus began the Great Simplification. Store-bought, pre-made ingredients were all out of the question, for they all include corn. No more cream-of-mushroom soup, no more seasoning packets or onion soup mix. New tricks were required. The best tricks? Butter and salt.

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Three years after the Great Simplification, Mystie discovered her son was no longer allergic. However, now accustomed to cooking from scratch and using simple, basic ingredients, why return to the corn and preservative-filled processed foods? Simple, from-scratch cooking not only saves money, but tastes better, too.

For the last five years Mystie has been paring down her recipe collection, purging old church cookbook and Taste of Home recipes in favor of simpler, basic fare. She wanted a short master pantry list, from which she could make a variety of dinners, most of them off the top of her head (but with a reminder close at hand in case her brain froze midway through).

Simplified Dinners and Simple Pantry Cooking are the results of that project.

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