Simplify Dinner.

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Feed your family simply, healthfully, frugally

Simplified Pantry is all about encouraging homestyle cooking with basic ingredients. It is possible to cook good, healthy food without a pantry full of specialized ingredients, and it is possible to make easy dinners without shortcut, preprepared products. My eBook, Simplified Dinners (and the gluten- and dairy-free edition!), enables anyone to transition toward home-prepared, real, whole foods cooking—even those less confident in the kitchen. Simplified Dinners helps keep dinner streamlined while allowing flexibility.

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Plan dinner with less thinking

Have you noticed that most home management systems claim that having a menu plan is essential? It’s true. Knowing what is for dinner and having the ingredients on hand promotes peace in our minds and homes. But do you realize how many steps are actually involved in menu planning? Typical menu planning involves multiple dependent steps:

  1. Find out what’s on sale or what coupons you have.
  2. Find recipes you can cook and want to eat.
  3. Figure out what ingredients you need to cook those recipes.
  4. Try to mesh the ingredients you need with what’s on sale.
  5. Make the grocery list.
  6. Shop.
  7. Remember what you’re going to make for dinner when, and pull it off.
  8. Use the perishables before they go bad.

No wonder we often dread it, forget to do it, or procrastinate. Four years ago I decided I needed a better solution than spreading out recipe cards, ads, calendars, and lists, and attempting to make them all magically come together into a plan. I’ve distilled all that research, experimentation, and thinking into an easy-to-use reference: Simplified Dinners.

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Download a Sample

Want to see a sample before purchasing?

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The sample includes:

  • The introduction
  • The master pantry list
  • Recipe variations for one of the 16 meal types

These pages are taken straight out of the full book. After you review the sample, if you like what you see, you can buy the full eBook, or if not, I’d love to hear why not!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you purchase my book and you’re not completely happy with it, then I don’t want your money! Contact me and I will gladly refund your purchase, no questions asked. (Though if you are willing to provide me with feedback, I’d love to hear it.)

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List of Meals

Simplified Dinners eBook

Here’s a list of the meals that are included in the eBook:

  • Slow-Cooker Roasts
  • Slow-Cooker, No-Defrost Chicken Pieces
  • Chicken-in-a-Pot
  • Skillet Cutlets with Pan Sauces
  • Marinades for Grilling or Broiling
  • Foil-Packet Fish
  • Stovetop Pasta
  • Bean Pots
  • Fajitas
  • Quesadillas
  • Taco Bar
  • Burritos or Enchiladas
  • Taquitos
  • Frittata
  • Oven Omelette
  • Pizza
  • Simple Stir-fry
  • Potato Hash
  • Baked Potato Bar
  • Bean Soups
  • Stews
  • Blended Vegetable Soups
  • Quick Soups
  • Main Dish Salads
  • Vegetable Side Dishes
  • Side-Dish Salads
  • Starchy Side Dishes

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